147 Troop Diary – Week 24

147 Troop Diary – Week 24

This week was a week of weapons lectures/periods and physical activity.  The Monday morning began with the beginning of our LMG lectures in the weapons stances, followed by a 6 mile run as a Troop, which doubled up as an acquaint for the 6 mile Speed March in week 26.  LMG lectures continued throughout the week and by Thursday the weapons handling tests had been passed and everyone was hoping they would get the opportunity to carry it on Exercise Final Thrust!  Along with this, Wednesday offered a basic acquaint to the Tarzan Assault Course in the form of a Death Slide and a 30ft wall teach, which made the course seem like great fun – I am sure we will find out that it is not an enjoyable 13 minutes experience!

Thursday presented the acquaint to the Endurance Course, which we completed once as a Troop in slow time and once as a syndicate of three at a faster pace; followed by a 4 mile Troop run back to camp; even though this run was at a slower pace, it proved to be a lung buster and for many of the Troop it brought back some bad memories of PRMC.  Friday consisted of a criteria 12 mile load carry conducted around the Woodbury Common area finishing back at CTCRM.  The whole Troop completed this evolution; proving a good level of fitness and determination throughout, breathing confidence and morale into 147 Troop.  This was followed by lunch and a bit of admin time before being secured for the weekend.  Overall it was a good week for the Troop!



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