145 Troop Weekly Diary – Week 28

145 Troop Weekly Diary – Week 28

Week 28, also known as cheeky week and for good reason; during this week we had a timed run through on both the Tarzan Assault Course and the Endurance Course, as well as an introduction to the UGL.  Also during this week we moved into the Kings Squad accommodation, D Block; most of the lads think is a massive bonus because it is right next to the NAAFI.

We started off with the Endurance Course on Wednesday and the majority of the Troop did not do so well around the course as a whole, therefore the PTI was not best pleased. We then moved on to the Tarzan the following day, we did a run through in clean fatigue and then a timed run through with full kit.  Again, the PTI was not pleased with the results…

On Friday we had our second Tarzan run through.  Some people’s time improved but a lot of the Troop still under estimate how much effort needs to be put in.  The final day was to finish with the Endurance Course.  This run through was a massive improvement on the first one, with a noticeable drop in failures.  This made the PTI happy with the Troop!

Also during this week we had lectures on all the current activities of all the Royal Marine units 40, 42, 45 as well as 43 which is now classed as part of 3 Commando Brigade.  This has given us a greater insight in to what we have to look forward to when we pass out.  The Troop is now going into week 29 which is field firing.


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