156Tp Recruit Diary – Week 2

156Tp Recruit Diary – Week 2 It has been another busy week for 156 Troop here at CTCRM.  After we had adjusted to the early starts and basic admin, we were issued our personal SA80 rifles and introduced to weapon handling skills for the first time.  Over the course of the week we practiced the Normal Safety Procedures (NSP’s), stripping and assembling and how to load and unload the rifle.  We also spent our first night in the field, where we all learnt first hand the importance of the wet and dry routine.

With families’ day just around the corner, the PTI’s have invested a lot of extra time and effort in to us, in order to ensure that we are set to impress our loved ones with our demonstration of a PT period in the gymnasium.  Some of our (intense) training included, camp circuits which are 800 metre best effort runs around the camp road, swimming sessions and IMF circuits.           

To conclude the week and prove to our DL that we had mastered our personal admin and taken responsibility for our military kit, a series of locker inspections were carried out culminating in Foundation pass out.  Having completed this, we moved into our new accommodation block over the course of the weekend, where we had some late nights getting our new rooms and lockers ready for Monday.


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