145 Troop Diary – Week 26 & 27

145 Troop Diary – Week 26 & 27

The Troop is still on its Final Exercise, having been on ship since Friday.  We were supposed to be disembarking from HMS ARGYLL, but due to the weather and sea state we had to wait out.  After being delayed for several hours we disembarked at HMS DEVONPORT and got on a coach to Dartmoor.  The weather was poor and the Troop lacked that sense of urgency after being warm and dry on ship for the previous few days.  Morale was low and we now had a yomp ahead of us, light was fading and we lost around 5 recruits through injury by the end.

Sentry during the night was grim, the rain and wind did not let up.  2 Section’s first detail was a recce patrol around a trig point, but it did not provide any intelligence and so we moved back to the harbour.  After another admin period we moved off to conduct an attack, but it did not happen and we moved off Dartmoor in 4 toners, arriving back in Tregantle Fort to conduct recces and OPs on a fort nearby.  We defended the fort and this was the worst night in the field for us.  The rain and wind would not let up and sentry was becoming hard!  We were attacked during the night and so our dry kit was soaked due to stand to.

After that long cold night we heard that many people had gone down and our morale was low as we conducted a Ground Dominating Patrol and we were all getting irritated with one another, but this soon disappeared and we began laughing again.  We had a recce in the afternoon with Apache fire support.  In the orders that evening we found that one recruit had been taken hostage and we were going to perform a Troop deliberate attack on Scraesden Fort at first light.

The night was easier due to the weather and we moved off for the troop attack at first light.  One section was fire support and got a lot of rounds down and it was good seeing the Troop moving in and sweeping the fort from the top.  The attack went well but we were then informed we were going to Woodbury to perform another attack.  We boarded a Merlin to go to Woodbury and most ranks soon fell asleep only to wake up landing on the top field at CTCRM – End of Exercise!  What a relief!  The rest of the week/weekend was full of admin and most importantly, rest!
















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