155 Troop Diary – Week 5

155 Troop Diary – Week 5

Week 5 is here already, time goes so quick here!  This week we had an exercise coming up so people were a bit apprehensive but also excited about upcoming events.  The week started with a few IMF sessions in the gym where we learnt the beam sequence and actually got a chuck-up for our effort and how quickly we picked it up; this definitely increased morale!  Any praise means a lot to us.  Next thing we knew it was Tuesday night, time to pack our kit into our bergans and have a final, warm, dry night in our grots.  Having learnt wet and dry routine in the previous week and knowing the weather forecast for the next few days we knew we would get to practice it.

So it was Wednesday and we were on our way, everyone took a few minutes of much needed sleep on the coach.  Once we arrived we set up the harbour position, putting up the team tents and general admin.  When darkness fell it was time to put up our ponchos and settle in.  The first night stayed relatively dry.  Thursday, the fun day!  We learnt about Camouflage and Concealment, why things are seen and individual fire and manoeuvre.  This was definitely the best part of training so far.  Getting stuck in there and letting out some aggression, this is why we are all here.  After some time letting off a bit of steam it was time to settle back into our new home and get some sleep, but this is when the rain started, and trying to put a poncho up in strong winds and rain is not an easy task. 

After a long cold night we woke up, carried out our morning routine and packed ready to go back to camp.  Little did we know we would be carrying weight on the 4 mile march back.  This was a killer for most of the Troop and we definitely struggled to keep up with the pace and once again found ourselves running to keep up.  Everyone was in a good mood knowing the exercise was complete and tonight we would be inside in the warmth.


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