152 Troop Diary – Week 11

152 Troop Diary – Week 11

Week 11 saw 152 Troop travel down the road to StraightPointRanges in Exmouth for the first of two weeks of live firing.  The feeling within the Troop was good, even though we were still feeling the effects of Exercise Hunters Moon.  Day 1 got off to a promising start, with all of the Troop able to zero their rifles and most being able to score some good groupings on the second shoot of the day.  Little did we know that this would be one of the few shoots we would do this week, thanks to the weather the South West was about to experience.  Due to a poor kit muster on Sunday night, we were denied the comfort of hard accommodation and slept under ponchos that night, and as the weather deteriorated our harbour soon resembled the marshes seen on Dartmoor the previous week.  After having our morning kit muster called off due to flying mess tins and roll mats we realised that we would not be shooting on Tuesday and with a bug going through the Troop as well morale started to dip.

While we could do some firing in the DCCT Suite (indoor shooting simulator), it was not until Wednesday afternoon that we were able to shoot outside again, where we had our first practise of the shooting we will do for the ACMT test.  After some erratic scores we realised that the training team might have been right all along in repeatedly telling us to practice dry firing; only one member of the Troop passed all the shoots and spent the rest of the day walking around like the king of Straight Point.  Thursday was also frustrated by the weather but Friday saw a full day of shooting, with things beginning to click into place for most of the Troop and morale rising again as a result, enhanced by the prospect of a quiet weekend preparing for the second week at Straight Point.


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