155 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 4

155 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 4

Long weekend.  Two and a half days of well earned rest and eating to recover from a hard three weeks in Foundation, an exciting prospect for the recruits of 155 Troop.  The Troop entered the weekend relieved and excited to see loved ones, after a tiring three weeks at CTCRM, which included a families’ day killer gym session, just to add to our exhaustion levels.  However, despite this, morale remained high within the Troop and with the thoughts of families’ weekend and more adrenalin fuelled weeks training to follow, only excitement and positivity was felt throughout as families weekend began.

The week started with an early morning as always however, overall the Troop was in good spirits despite coming back from a comforting two days off.  The weeks focus surrounded lots of lectures, physical training, our first exercise as a Troop (Exercise FIRST STEP) and a serious amount of weapon handling and training in preparation for the weapon handling test in week 5.  Throughout the week we had lots of lectures, including history of the Royal Marines Commando’s and a lesson on sexual health.  All of the lessons are very important and all notes are taken down in our notebooks in great detail as over the coming week’s topical tests that we must pass.  For this reason, throughout the week we have begun to create and document our “affairs folders” to revise from.

Exercise FIRST STEP was our first time away from CTCRM.  The focus of the exercise was to get an understanding of the tactical mindset required when “in the field” and to learn how to wash, cook, eat and conduct a sentry routine.  The Troop did some PT with team building and leadership tasks which lasted for a while but created a chance to do some team bonding.  The morning after a night filled with little sleep and various approaches to our sentry positions made by the Corporals and Troop Commander, we carried out our “morning routine” – scran, shave, wash and then a kit muster for the training team to inspect.

We finished the week on a high with a mud run in the Exe Estuary.  With little warning we were out crawling and running in thick heavy clay like mud which sucks you in with every step.  The cold mud after a while was enough to dampen any individuals’ positivity, but as a Troop everyone remained positive and mentally strong, as 155 Troop becomes ever closer as the weeks go by.



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