155 Troop Recruit Diary – Week 3

155 Troop Recruit  Diary – Week 3

Week 3 and 155 Troop are finally moving out of Foundation and into the “Hilton-Esque”, G-Block’s luxurious accommodation, our permanent home for the rest of training.  This has raised the morale slightly for most of the Troop except for the few of us that are already missing issued equipment!  Along with being a lot warmer, our new accommodation splits us into “section rooms” where we inevitably become very familiar with the rest of our sections.  After Exercise FIRST STEP some of us have already started to bond but the new accommodation layout and section orbat will turn old and new friends into brothers.  

Activities this week involved more sessions of IMF in the gym, in which we managed to perform really well and then within a blink of an eye, perform really badly.  We have had an increase of Drill periods on the cold and windy parade square and more challenging, in-depth weapon lessons down in the weapon stances, something everybody enjoys.  Although there was big morale boost in the air from our movement out of Foundation and into the new grots, the reality of the levels of admin and cleaning to be done every night and morning is taking its toll on some of us.  Inevitably this has resulted in some extra inspections for 155 Troop which is testing everyone’s patience.

Families’ day for 155 Troop!  Eventually we got to see our families but not until after a drill parade and an IMF session in the gym involving rope climbs.  The drill session was not our finest hour with most of us turning the wrong way at the end of the display and the IMF session ended with extra camp circuits for a bad performance.  Oh well, cheerfulness in the face of adversity!



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