Exercise Marshall Star is a three night field exercise focussing on skills which 153 Troop have been learning in previous exercises (Ex Quick Cover & Ex First Step), along with a classroom introduction to map reading and navigation.  The Troop was looking forward to implementing some of these skills that they learnt in the field environment.  The exercise itself consisted of a brief and a walkthrough in establishing a troop triangular harbour.  Working through the sequence involved, the importance of sentry positions, the difference between day and night harbours and the need for good kit awareness in the event of a compromised harbour.

The exercise developed through the days culminating in individual sections using grid and magnetic bearings, along with a compass to travel from point to point in the night.  Exercise Marshall Star was also our first introduction to marching over terrain with weight.  This was a bit of a shock to the Troop, coupled with a 5 mile walk back to camp on the Thursday morning.  A very enjoyable exercise in summary, brining the Troop closer together and one step closer to our overall aim of getting our Green Berets.


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