153 Troop Diary – Week 5

153 Troop Diary – Week 5

The week started early as usual; we had a 4 mile run which was a good change and a good start to the week.  Later on we were in the gym where we spent more time on the ropes as well as some time on the beam doing pull-ups.  This was followed by camp circuits thrown in for good measure.  We then finished the first day with some drill which again highlighted how much work we have still got to do on our boots before they look remotely shiny.  We were scheduled to have our weapon handling tests this week to prove we could handle it safely but as the Troop was progressing so well a lot of us managed to pass it last Friday.

This week also introduced 153 Troop to a longer exercise, ‘Quick Cover’, which was 3 days in the field.  When we first arrived in the field we received the first of many fieldcraft lectures such as how to correctly camouflage ourselves and how to correctly conceal ourselves in the various types of foliage.  We also looked at why things are seen, which sounds like stating the obvious but in a military context is not quite as obvious as you would think.  Before it became too dark the Training Team showed us how to set up a basic harbour (a harbour being a tactically safe location where we can administer ourselves).  Each section had 2 men on sentry all night to keep watch for any threats to the locations security.

On the second day in the field we had another kit muster to ensure we were administering ourselves properly.  Once again the Corporals gave extra advice on how to clean items that some of us had neglected, we took this all on board as we knew the Training Teams patience would run out soon with such basic lessons being forgotten.  We later had a lecture on how to judge the distance from ourselves to another person or feature.  This is not as easy as it sounds and the Training Team taught us lots of techniques that we should use.  This all comes in handy for when we need to change the sights on our rifles.  On the third day after all the lessons, we marched back to camp which some of us were apprehensive about, thankfully the Training Team did not thrash us but introduced us slowly to phys in boots.  Once back the Team checked our feet to see if we were looking after them properly; the smell from one or two people’s feet was ‘interesting’, much like a lovely Dorset cheddar.


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