153 Troop Diary – Week 1

153 Troop Diary –  Week 1

I started my life in the Royal Marines with a long and very tiring 6 hours travel to the Commando Training Centre at Lympstone where I met some of the lads I would be spending the next 32 weeks of my life with.  Once we had all arrived, we had lots of administration to deal with, such as all our new clothing and our bedding as well as lots of paperwork to fill in.  The second day consisted mainly of our gym tests to compare our fitness to our PRMC (entry test) scores.  This also introduced us to the correct discipline necessary when moving around the gym floor; it is fair to say it is nothing like a civilian gym.  Fewer women in leotards for starters…

On Wednesday we started to work on our locker layout, which we had to master before we met our Training Team next week.  Thankfully this week the Royal Marine (who is also our Drill instructor) in charge of us is nice and relaxed but we knew that the Training Teams standards were less ‘flexible’ so knew we had to learn quickly.  My locker layout was considered the best in the Troop.  Thursday consisted of some lectures about life in the Royal Marines and then another session in the gym, this time learning to climb ropes.  Most of the lads in the Troop did well although some thought it would be more fun to slide down the ropes as if it were a fireman’s pole.  Apparently it hurts!

The week ended with a 3 mile run followed quickly by a session again in the gym; starting to realise that Royal Marines need to be fit and robust.  1 week down, 31 to go; hopefully tomorrow I can go and sample the delights of Exeter.




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