152 Troop Diary – Week 10

152 Troop Diary – Week 10

This week we were on Exercise Hunters Moon, which consisted of a 3 day field exercise followed by a 1 day survival phase on Dartmoor.  We deployed into the field on Monday and did our first insertion yomp of around 6km over some challenging terrain.  Over the next 3 days we conducted several navigation exercises as sections and as teams during the day and night.  Tuesday night’s navigation exercise was made extremely difficult by the terrain.  Eight of us got stuck in a bog up to our chests, making getting out difficult as we were carrying webbing, daysack and rifle.  On Wednesday we did our first stalk, trying to get close enough to one of the team to take an accurate shot.

Wednesday night saw us leave for the survival phase, including a night yomp.  We left at around eight at night and did not arrive at the survival area until around five the next morning.  During the survival phase we had to build our own shelters and fires.  We were then given chicken and fish which we had to prepare for our evening meal.  We were all pretty hungry by this point so this was a great morale boost.  After we had eaten we got the best night’s sleep of the week, keeping the fire going and staying close to each other to keep warm.  Luckily the weather held and it was not as cold as it could have been.  The exercise ended on Friday after collapsing our shelters and we moved back to CTCRM to clean kit and leave for a well earned long weekend.



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