This week started with a high as we visited the D-Day landings in Normandy for the weekend.  We managed to fit a 5 day battle field tour into two days with the help of our very enthusiastic and knowledgeable tour guide, aptly named ‘Smiler’.  The whole Troop thoroughly enjoyed the trip and I think I speak for everyone when I say the trip was very moving and a realistic eye opener to put our training into perspective.  On the Saturday night we all got the chance to unwind, giving the new joiners of the Troop the chance to bond.  We started the week with a few introductions to CBRN and then later in the week we travelled to Yeovilton to complete our helicopter dunker drills. Here we had to escape from a sinking mock helicopter which some of the lads found easier that others, personally I found this quite challenging.  On Friday we had our first experience of throwing grenades.  After practicing extensively by throwing with rocks first we then moved onto real grenades.  Our aim was to do the most possible damage to the poor pictured man on the wooden target; he did not stand a chance!  Overall it has been a great week and as a whole the Troop has loved starting to learn and practice the soldiering skills we joined up for.  With Exercise Baptist Run around the corner and Phase 2 so close, the halfway point is within our grasp.  The overall morale is high as we wait to see what the rest of training has in store for us.  



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