149 Troop Training Diary – Week 18

149 Troop Training Diary – Week 18

Week 18 of RM Recruit training revolved around Exercise SECOND EMPIRE.  We moved to Caerwent training area in South Wales to conduct our second tactical exercise.  Caerwent training area is on an abandoned ammunition storage area.  This introduced the Troop to new types of environments.  Although we did not do any training inside the buildings it was good to have some realistic objectives for our recces and attacks.  The first part of the exercise was mainly about Section level tactics.  We received a demonstration from the training team and then spent the first two days of the exercise practicing our attacks.  It was good to get involved in the attacks and our progression was obvious to see.  On Wednesday night we conducted a Troop ambush.  After receiving orders, we used the cover of abandoned train tracks to move into our ambush site.  We were tested on our Rules Of Engagement when the ambush site was driven through by mock civilians.  At around 0530 we sprung the ambush and successfully destroyed one of the enemy fire-teams.

Thursday evening was spent conducting a Troop deliberate attack.  This was one of the most exciting parts of training so far.  We received orders before moving to our Line of Departure.  Two minutes before we conducted the attack, there was a simulated mortar stomp onto the enemy, before 4 Sections fire support jumped into action.  From there we cleared the enemy positions upto our Limited of Exploitation.  Whilst we were re-grouping we were attacked again, so 4 Section quickly organised themselves and cleared the last pocket of enemy.  We finished the exercise on Friday with an extraction march around the perimeter of Caerwent.  This was particularly cheeky as the hills around Caerwent are quite steep. However, the entire Troop kept together on the march and we returned to CTCRM looking forward to learning about MUC next week.


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