148 Troop Diary – Week 20

148 Troop Diary – Week 20

Week 20 was mainly focused on Operating in Built Up Areas (OBUA), Fighting In Built Up Areas (FIBUA) and Defence In Built Up Areas (DIBUA).  Using the facilities on camp and travelling to Norton Manor Camp in Taunton for a 1 day exercise this was the most enjoyable week so far.  Monday we drew weapons and went to a purpose built complex on camp to practice drills we had studied in lectures.  First we learnt basic movements and how to enter a room in different ways to ensure the safest possible entry.  After practicing again and again to ensure we all new our job role we furthered the drills in searching furniture, casualties and prisoners.

In the afternoon we were starting to move more smoothly and reacting to other people’s movements and commands instinctively.  When we got it to a good standard we changed from using dry drills (weapons with no ammunition) to blank rounds and then to using simulation rounds. Simulation rounds are still live rounds only instead of using a lead projectile and a high amount of propellant, a small paint capsule and a small amount of propellant is used which projects the simulation round about 40m.  This was really helpful to understand the dangers of entering an unknown room with unknown dangers and showed us where and when we were at most danger.

For the next few days we trained in the complex using more and more complicated situations including hostages, small spaces, hostile enemy, locked doors and barricaded rooms.  After we had gained a good standard of skill (and lots of bruises from paintballs) we prepared for Exercise Urban Warrior.  We deployed on Thursday to Norton Manor to attack and hold a mock afghan village.  We set off on patrol and set up a harbour area to rest until the morning, 3 section went to recce the afghan village and then set up an O.P.  In the morning we got ready in the usual routine washing, eating and preparing kit.  We received orders and a few members of the recce team came to collect us and take us to the Form Up Point (FUP).  Waiting for the signal to start, we could hear the Islamic morning prayers and see enemy patrolling the compound.  This really set the scene for what lay ahead.

After one minute of mortar fire, 3 section opened up on the compound and the Troop went in. 1 section had the left compound and 2 section the right.  We began to clear the rooms until the entire compound was clear.  2 section did there side and then 1 section gave fire support to 3 section so that they could move forward to take the 3rd compound.  All the compounds were clear and we secured the main one to repel any further attack which lasted approximately 30 minutes.  The exercise came to an end and we were briefed on how the training team thought it went.  We had a lot of positive feedback and told points which to improve.  After it all ended we cleaned the compound while listening to Christmas songs it was a great end to a great week.


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