143 Troop Diary – Week 31

143 Troop Diary – Week 31

Week 31 is the Commando Test week with first test being on the Saturday on week 30.  The Endurance Course consists of 3 elements.  The Endurance Course itself consists of a 2.5 mile assault course on Woodbury Common consisting of a number of hills, tunnels, Peters Pool and the ‘sheep dip’.  Upon completing the Endurance Course you then have to run back to camp (4 miles).  These parts of the test must be completed carrying 21 Ibs of kit and a rifle within 73 mins.  The final stage of the test is shooting at a target at a range of 25m range.  You must hit 6 out of 10 to pass the shoot and subsequently the test.

Monday of week 31 is the second Commando Test – the 9 Mile Speed March.  This is to be completed with 21Ibs of kit and within 90 minutes.  Upon completing the Speed March the Troop is then drummed into camp whilst everyone on camp is encouraged to come and congratulate them on being halfway through their Commando Tests.

Tuesday’s test is the Tarzan Assault Course.  This consists of a high obstacle course and then a full lap of the assault course on the bottom field, finishing with an assent up the 30ft wall.  This is to be completed with 21Ibs worth of kit and a rifle all within a time frame of 13 mins.

The final Commando test is done on the Wednesday.  This is 30 miles of yomping across Dartmoor.  The terrain is harsh and pure mental strength is needed to complete the 30 Miles as physical ability alone is not enough.  It is run in syndicates separated by 10 min intervals.  The course, within the 8 hour time frame, is broken down into 4 check points of approx 6 miles apart.  At each check point everyone must drink a hot drink and eat a banana to keep us fuelled up.  If anyone falls too far behind or is unable to complete the Thirty Miler they are taken off and unfortunately this means a fail.

At the end of the Thirty Miler all those that have passed the tests were awarded their Green Beret’s.  The pinnacle of 31 weeks worth of hard work.  The remainder of the week consisted of preparation for Kings Squad Pass Out, so drill is the main priority and on Friday night the Troop will have their Kings Squad Party.  As well as Sunday we will attend a Remembrance Parade at camp to remember those who have gone before us. 








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