155 Troop Diary – Week 2

155 Troop Diary – Week 2

During week 2 of training we are all beginning to gel as a Troop.  The week involved our first night in the field which was aimed at learning the basic skills required to survive.  During the exercise we learnt the basics of fieldcraft, which involved how to erect various methods of shelter (Bivvi’s).  This exercise including an introduction into wet and dry routine, which involved getting wet by jumping into the tank, this was to replicate being in the field in wet conditions and how to cope with administering ourselves afterwards.  The main aim of wet and dry is to get into dry clothing before getting our heads down and putting our wet kit on when working.

Throughout the week we were busy in the gym learning new routines during IMF sessions.  Week 2 also included team games in the gym which were good as we were in our new sections.  It was a good opportunity to start to bond and work together as a team.  We got to handle our weapons for the first time which gave us a feeling of really being part of the military.  We had a couple of lessons on basic weapon handling drills.  Evenings throughout the first 2 weeks were made up of ‘admin’.  Friday of week 2 was our final inspection in the foundation block.  Our locker layout and the accommodation were inspected so we could move on and pass out of the Foundation Phase. The whole Troop have said the past couple of weeks have flown by and are now all looking forward to moving into the 6 man rooms and week 3 of training to start kicking in!


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