155 Troop Diary – Week 1

155 Troop Diary – Week 1

In our minds we all thought that our start at Lympstone would be full of guns, cam cream and Lynx Mk 9’s helicopters.  Lympstone had something very different in store for us – ‘Foundation’.  Other than being the first few weeks of training, foundation imparts the words ‘standards’ into every young recruit’s brain.  Very high standards of ironing, cleaning of both yourself and the accommodation are expected, as this forms a base plate of discipline we can all use in our careers.  Every one of us in 155 Troop was taught how to iron, clean, fold and present all of our kit to the Royal Marines standards.  Unless you are a full time housewife, most of these things will be very new to you!

Most of our days in week one involved lectures on topics such as hygiene in the foundation block, introductions to all the different departments within CTCRM, IMF fitness sessions in the gym, swimming, drill on the parade ground and a few cheeky early morning ironing sessions.  Our Training Team included a Corporal from the PRMC Team, a rather scary Dutch Marine Sgt who could probably beat the sun in a staring contest and our Troop Commander, who cheerfully informed us that our training team was the best on camp. Most of us took this as a good thing; none of us joined for an easy ride.



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