This week was a big one for the Troop.  It consisted of First Aid Assessments, Drill Pass-Out and most importantly for the Troop, the Gym Pass-Out and assessments.  The Monday consisted of the 1.5 mile run as a Troop followed by a 1.5 miles return run at best effort pace.  Before this we had a pull-up test which required us to do a minimum of 5 pull-ups to the call of the PTI.  We then had an NVQ brief, first aid lectures and some run through practices in preparation for gym pass-out later in the week.  Tuesday was based mainly around first aid lectures in the morning and assessments in the afternoon.  Everyone passed these and we were awarded their First Aid certificates.  On Wednesday we had the Royal Marines Fitness Assessment which consisted of a bleep test (which the whole Troop passed), pull-ups (where a few struggled) and press-ups and sit-ups (which the Troop did well at).  Thursday was a more relaxed day to ensure we were feeling fresh for Friday’s gym pass-out.  This went well and we gained confidence.  We also found who in the Troop had been selected for PT Superiors and would be wearing red vests for the next day.  Friday came and the Troop was feeling nervous yet excited.  We moved to the gym for a basic warm up before the pass-out began.  This lasted for just over an hour and tested us on all of our physical abilities in the gym.  Once we finished we were debriefed to find out that we had achieved a superior pass.  This was a fantastic achievement for the Troop which both the PTI and the observers were pleased with.  To end the week we took part in a navigation exercise on Woodbury Common on the Saturday.  We ended the week with an evening out in Exeter to relax after a busy week.   



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