After some time ashore at the weekend to let off some steam, the Troop started with some phys in the gym to get over the weekend’s activities.  Having packed all our bergans and kit at the weekend we were ready to deploy on Exercise MARSHALL STAR and did so not long after midday.  The first night entailed some different aspects on soldiering in the field including how to see things at night.  We then went into our night routine and carried this out throughout the night with morale at a high.  Day 2 began with a kit muster followed by a Troop run and circuits.  Later on in day 2 there were some more lectures and then into night routine.  Day 3 began with another kit muster followed by some phys with the PTI.  We then moved onto day time map reading followed by the night navigation exercise in pairs around Woodbury Common which went well as a whole. After a normal night routine, day 4 started with getting bumped and having to move out of our harbour position while packing away our kit as quickly as possible.  This was practice for coming under attack from the enemy whilst we were asleep; it was a bit of a shock.  We then completed the morning routines and then, when packed, readied to leave on the 5 mile yomp back to Lympstone.  It was done at a good pace and although the lads were tired at the end, it did end!  The rest of the week was mainly spent doing admin and de-servicing kit before the weekend came back around again.  



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