152 Troop Diary – Week 8

152 Troop Diary – Week 8

This week started with the lads feeling the most threaders they have been so far through training after a long weekend of numerous kit musters, a hard session in the gym, rounds, and very little sleep.  At the time it seemed quite pointless, however, we had OC’s Rounds on Tuesday, so the accommodation had to be immaculate.  It turned out all the hard work over the weekend paid off as we passed OC’s Rounds; he even said it was one of the best he had seen for a while.  The training team seemed happy about this and it definitely lifted the morale of the Troop.

The rest of the week was quite chilled out – for this place, anyway.  We were on camp all week, mainly doing map reading, military knowledge tests, and a few extra phys sessions to get the Troop ready for gym passout next week.  We also had a day with the MLs learning about survival.  Even though everyone was hanging out no-one dared nod off – these guys are not to be messed with.  It is a big week for the Troop next week with gym passout; but more importantly its one week closer to the Green Beret.



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