This week was Exercise BAPTIST RUN, an eagerly anticipated stage in training.  It was necessary for us to complete in order to pass Phase One of training.  The exercise brought with it a lot of nerves that seemed to increase the closer we came to the start on Tuesday.  The Monday was fairly relaxed with us having a bottom field physical training session and CBRN lectures.  The week really started on the Tuesday with a 4 mile speed march assessment.  The entire Troop passed which was an excellent result.  Deploying into the field, the exercise started each day with the Troop having to carry out field inspections, a stalk, night navigation exercise, observation stances and fire control orders. 

In general terms we had to demonstrate that we conducted ourselves in a professional manner.  The assessment, after all, is designed to prove that we were capable soldiers ready to start the business of Commando training.  Everyone completed the week and nearly all managed the 8-mile load carry through Woodbury Common and back to camp.  On returning back to camp we carried out the normal routine of de-servicing our kit, returning stores and preparing for another inspection on the Saturday morning.  This last test was to show that we were capable of looking after our kit and demonstrating that it was in good order.  Then came the wait until the Monday to find out our results.



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