147 Troop Diary – Week 19

147 Troop Diary – Week 19

With a weekend since the last exercise, the Troop looked forward to a week on camp. Unfortunately for 147 Troop this week is known throughout as ‘death by bottom field’; as the name suggests the week focuses a lot of time towards BPT, preparing everyone for Week 21 Bottom Field Pass Out.  However, General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG) training softens the blow of what could have been potentially a fatal week!  Everyday had a pretty similar routine; bottom field – a combination of thrashing yourself in a crash circuit and full BPT tests (the Training Team/PTI even arranged for 2 extra BPT sessions) up until lunchtime, then down to the weapon stances to rehearse GPMG drills.  The highlight of the week came on Friday when we fired the GPMG on the 25m range; slightly shocking everyone at first with the power but eventually it just became a great experience.  The week was then topped off when the whole Troop were re-instated with their weekend leave passes – giving everyone some down time to let the sore muscles heal.



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