144 Troop Diary – Week 25

144 Troop Diary – Week 25

On arrival from a long weekend, the week started with us being deployed to Poole on the Monday morning to conduct our amphibious training.  The morning started with an interesting lecture done by a member of the Special Boat Service (SBS), briefly explaining how intense the course is and the basic requirement to join this branch in the Royal Marines.  With the aid of a video the recruits were able to have a more visual image of what the course really entails and the roles of the SBS. 

Later that day we moved to a new location where we met the Landing Craft (LC) instructors and a lecture was given, which started with a safety brief followed by an outline of the remaining day and a half.  The Troop was then lead to another area where we were shown how to correctly don and operate the life jackets.  Afterwards we were brought over to the harbour where we were shown a demonstration of how to enter a landing craft, and also to safely turn the Zodiac upright after being capsized.  This was done in groups of 8 and started with us jumping into the harbour from about 3 meters, into ice cold water and swimming to the landing craft before carrying out the drills as taught.

Day 2 started with the Troop being separated into 2 groups, one group was being taught how to manoeuvre the Zodiac, and was also given an opportunity to carry out the drills on their own with the LC in the harbour.  The 2nd group was also introduced to another LC called the Offshore Raiding Craft (ORC), which was bigger and was operated by a 250 HP engine with a speed of approximately 35-40 mph.  The groups then swapped over after each was done.  Later during the day we were taught how to disembark the landing craft at the beach and how to form all round defence on the beach.  We were also taught how to safely jump from the LCVP to the ORC (known as cross decking). The day completed with the drills taught during the day practised at night.  This was another good couple of days training for the Troop.






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