144 Troop Diary – Week 24

144 Troop Diary – Week 24

This week we headed to Portsmouth and HMS Excellent, home to the Royal Navy and where the they train for both sea survival and fire fighting.  The first day was basic fire fighting and all the lads took to this well and enjoyed it.  There were a few different serials, all of which offered a great deal of difficulties and all of us got stuck in and really seemed to enjoy it.  We also learned about the breathing apparatus and got put into a serial where we had to go through a simulated mess deck and had to find our way through a smoke filled compartment through to the upperdeck.

The next day we had sea survival training – learning about how to survive in the worst possible situation of the ship sinking.  First we had a number of lectures about the different equipment and how to perform the skills and drills.  Then in the afternoon we headed to a lake to conduct the practical drills which we had learnt in the lectures.  We got dressed into a waterproof suit and had to jump off a three metre board and then re-right a life raft.  Then we had to do it for the second time but this time we had to swim further and then get inside to carry out the drills.  It was an enjoyable couple of days away from Lympstone.  







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