148 Troop Diary – Week13

148 Troop Diary – Week13

Week 13 was looked forward to by many but with lots on uncertainty as it had the makings of being a week of new experiences.  It was also the week before Exercise Baptist Run so we started the week with that in our minds.  At the start of the week we had our first taste (literally) of CS gas also known as tear gas.  This was a great way of teaching you Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) drills in a controlled environment.  We are taught drills to be able to operate and survive in these environments.  We put on our full CBRN suits including respirator and headed into the ‘gas’ chamber.  With our respirators on and a room filled with tear gas, our instructors taught us the drills to be able to work in a chemical environment.  At the end of the lesson we got a chance to experience the effects first hand.  This is a safe gas but it incapacitates you for the very short time we experienced it for.

This was a learning experience for every one and the week continued being interesting with underwater helicopter escape drills at Yeovilton.  This is a way of teaching evacuation drills from a helicopter in case of an emergency crash landing on water.  We got into groups of 8 and filed into a mock helicopter shell which was lifted by a crane over a pool then lowered to simulate water entry.  At that point we would have to swim out the window.  This was all in stages with it starting slow and easy and culminated in being turned upside down and lowered down in the dark.  This was enjoyed by all.  To finish a great week we learned about High Explosive Grenades.  We then headed to the grenade range to put what we learned into practice.  This was loved by all as throwing grenade is brilliant fun as well as being a skill.  Being a strong Troop we completed all the tasks during the week to a high standard and went into the weekend looking forward to Baptist Run.



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