148 Troop Diary – Week 15

148 Troop Diary – Week 15

After a weekend off, the Troop was apprehensive to find out the scores for Exercise Baptist Run.  The previous week morale was pretty low and this was noticed by the training team, but after the weekend morale in the Troop seems to be looking up.  After finding out the scores everyone seems to be on high spirits knowing that the test exercise was passed and out of the way ready to let us progress into Phase Two.  Only two members of the Troop failed the exercise and are now in Hunter Company.  With this relief, the Troop was ready to crack on with the week ahead and go home for a long weekend.  After an experience most of us would not want to have again, we were back in the gas chamber to practise the drills we had been taught in previous weeks including canister changes and decontaminating.  Some lads flapped at the fear of experiencing the gas again, causing them to take a breath in anyway seeing themselves off.  Overall the drills went well and the majority of the Troop came out gas free.

Towards the end of the week came what the Troop was least looking forward to; the First Drills inspection.  We had heard that this inspection was well known for the majority of the Troop ending up on the flank and having to re-parade and also possibly the loss of their long weekend home. The lads stayed up the majority of the night going over their uniform multiple times in order to be immaculate for the following day.  The effort paid off as only three members of the Troop ended up on the flank.  Other than that the Troop received positive feedback from the First Drill.  This boosted morale as the Troop was very nervous about the inspection and now it was another thing down and out of the way.  The following day we would have to get our uniform immaculate again for the end of Phase One Arms Drill pass out.

The next day we all turned up to Arms Drill confident that we would get it done.  After a couple of run throughs the Troop were looking good and well-practised, but after having to restart the passout around 5 times due to the rain stopping and starting mistakes began to be made.  Finally when the rain stopped we had the full run through and the Troop overall did well and passed.  After a presentation of certificates for the PT superiors and the best recruit of Phase One, which went to Recruit Symington, the Troop were able to wear our green belts.  Moral was very high as finally we were in Phase Two and the Troop were looking forward to a long weekend home after 6 weeks of being back at CTC.  We are now looking forward to week 17 as it is Exercise First Base, our first fully tactical exercise of Phase Two.



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