143 Troop Diary – Week 29

 143 Troop Diary – Week 29

This week was the first stage to our field firing package over the next two weeks.  We had an early start sorting out stores and collecting weapons then made our way to Dartmoor.  The first day was a shoot to zero our weapons and the LMG Gunners.  The next few days were meant to be live firing but due to severe weather conditions we could not get the clearance to shoot and so we went through section fire and manoeuvre blank to iron out any problems.  We also did a UGL shoot which the Troop enjoyed a lot.

Thursday we got clearance to shoot so we cracked on and got the day serial done and then a night shoot with tracer and para illums to give us light to see the enemy.  This all culminated with us moving up to Section level attacks.  Throughout the week we also completed some Troop Phys and a booted run to prepare us for our 30 Miler pace.  We finished the week returning to CTCRM and conducting a Tarzan/Assault Course session on the Friday afternoon.









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