154 Troop Diary – Weeks 1 & 2

154 Troop Diary – Weeks 1 & 2

So we arrived on the first Monday and it was a new home, new friends and the start of a long 32 weeks of training ahead for 154 Troop.  The first week and almost all of the second had us all in shock.  The shock comes from the sudden change from leaving civilian life and entering the much faster and much busier military life.  Everybody kept to themselves for the first few days, just trying to take everything on board and learn as much as possible.  However, we quickly learned that we need to work as a team in order to meet the deadlines and details that come thick and fast.  This forced us to get to know each other and it was surprising how quickly we gelled as a Troop. 

Learning all the basics like ironing, washing and being prepared for the next day of training was tough.  We were taught how to properly administrate ourselves and to organise our equipment with military precision which was not easy.  Planning exactly what you needed for the coming day of training and ensuring everything was polished and ironed was just the basics of a long list of personal administration we had every night.  However, we all knew this was giving us the building blocks for the rest of our time in training.  Learning how to behave around camp and in the gymnasium was also demanding in itself.  In the gymnasium we had to fight the urge to scratch at every opportunity standing perfectly still.  Once the Troop got into the routine and had proved ourselves we then had to work hard to keep it at that standard. 

The second week became more enjoyable as we began to settle in and find our feet.  We were issued with our field equipment such as bergans and webbing, along with being allocated our personal weapons.  We then spent our first night out, only on the bottom field within CTCRM though.  Here we learned the very basics of living in the field and had the pleasure of a typical British October evening, cold and lashing down with rain.  We practiced wet and dry routine, wearing wet clothes while working and dry clothes in our sleeping bags.  It was a new experience for many of us and not the most comfortable getting out of your sleeping bag and back into wet clothes.  Overall the Troop has enjoyed training so far and it has been what we had all expected.  We are all looking forward to moving from Foundation into our Troop accommodation and continuing on with training. 




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