145 Troop Diary – Week 21

145 Troop Diary – Week 21

Week 21 was one of the quieter weeks on camp we have experienced during training, with various bits of administration and re-runs taking large amounts of the days up.  The real important aspect of the week was at 11 o’clock on Monday morning when we lined up outside the NAFFI in preparation for Bottom Field Passout.  A lot of different emotions were being felt ranging from nerves and apprehension to relief and excitement at the prospect of no more bottom field.  The session was made more difficult by the weather which is a factor that would continue throughout the week, however with wet ropes we ploughed straight in and after a lot of hard work many recruits were celebrating the achievement of having passed bottom field.  Unfortunately there were some who didn’t manage to complete all the required parts; this resulted in them having a chance at one of the obstacles at the end or a full run through the next day.

Tuesday was filled with Bottom Field run throughs for those still needing to pass, functional skills, dentist trips and a rare drill session.  Wednesday followed a similar routine as Tuesday with the addition of some lectures and the Adjutant’s Inspection which was the focal point for the day.  145 Troop has not always excelled on the drill square, so it was encouraging to be told we performed well with a good turn out.  Finally, Friday came and with it brought the last chance for 8 members of the Troop to pass Bottom Field and the weather cleared up which helped lift a few spirits. Unfortunately 2 members of the Troop were not successful, these were 2 well liked and respected recruits and it was a big shame to lose them.  The rest of Friday consisted of a CBRN test which nobody found easy and a lecture regarding driving licences.  Overall it was a good week of training, a calm before the storm that is Ex VIOLENT ENTRY that is fast approaching!












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