143 Troop Diary Week 28

143 Troop Diary Week 28

Rct Paterson – 30165099 – Week 28.

Monday was an early start with a drill inspection and then moved on to some more advanced drill. As we were deemed to be above our required standard fro drill we worked on some routines that we would later incorporate into our Kings Squad routine. We then concluded our day with some lectures.

Tuesday started with a couple of lectures, including one on ‘Gaining Units, after which we had Close Quarter Battle. We recapped all that we had learnt in previous lessons and then moved in to incorporating our required skills in a MUC environment.

Wednesday was our first Endurance course run thorough of the week. We set off in groups of 4 at 4 min intervals. The course is to be completed with 21Ibs in your wedding with a rifle slung and to be completed in 73 mins. 3 mins is added to your time as a penalty if you need to strip you rifle before the 25m shoot. Out of the 33 in the Troop only a handful failed, 3 of which was because they failed to hit 6 our of 10 shots on target.

Thursday was our first run through of the Tarzan assault course. We had one run though of the high obstacles with no kit then went straights into the full course with our 21Ibs and rifle. The course is very tough and highly tiring for 13 mins. Most of the Troop were passed with only 5 failures, which we have no doubt will pass in a couple of weeks.

Friday we had another run through of the Tarzan Assault Course which saw a much better performance and most of the lads beat their own times. The rest of the day has been filled with lectures and preparation of FFX 1.






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