147 Troop Diary – Week 16

147 Troop Diary – Week 16

This week’s main task was Exercise First Base, but first we had a day on camp of signals lectures and a few tactical exercise demonstrations first.  On Tuesday morning we prepared for the field and departed… by helicopter… in the afternoon.  For most of the Troop this was our first HELO drop and even for those who were not keen on heights, it beats walking!  The exercise was based on teaching the basics of tactical warfare, from things such as patrolling, to breaking contact drills and setting up harbours in the dark.  It was definitely a challenging exercise and a lot of recruits struggled with the lack of sleep.  However, loads of new skills were learnt in a relatively short period of time and 147 Troop will need to remember them next in week 18, when we deploy on Exercise Second Empire.  The exercise was finished with a tricky 5-mile speed march back to camp, followed by de-servicing of kit and a lot of chilling out over the weekend!



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