147 Troop Diary – Week 15

147 Troop Diary – Week 15

Week 15. The penultimate week of Phase one training – the idea now that recruits passing it are trained infantrymen; which is a pretty scary thought for most of us in 147 Troop.  However, to get there we still had one week on camp, including activities such as: more signals – moving onto different radio systems and basic voice procedures, decontamination drills within a CBRN environment (getting gassed again…) and more AMF (including the full regain).  The highlight of the week came on Thursday when down by the bottom field tank with the entire Training Team and Company Commander for the presentation ceremony and Phase one pass out.  Here Marksmanship, PT Superior, Most Improved and Best Phase One Recruit awards were handed out – before the Troop downed cups of Spiced Rum and took a freezing cold dip in the tank (coupled with a few photos here and there!) The Troop then prepared themselves for the First Drill’s Inspection Friday morning; knowing in the back of their minds that passing this meant the end of Phase one and most importantly, a long weekend.  By Friday afternoon the majority of the Troop had passed and bags were packed waiting to go home or get drunk, this had been a good week for 147 Troop.

Marksmanship Badge:                                                 PT Superior:

  • Copeman                                                                    Coles
  • Ferris                                                                           Yates
  • Wright                                                                         Slater
  •  Gibbons                                                                     Lingham
  • Gray                                                                            Gibbons
  • Bennet L                                                                      Kok
  • Luckett                                                                                    Ferris

Most Improved Recruit:                                               Best Phase One Recruit:

  • McKenna                                                                    Harris











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