144 Troop Diary – Week 18

144 Troop Diary – Week 18

This week we deployed on Exercise Second Empire.  After a double bottom field P.T. session in the morning we took a coach to Braunton Burrows training area in North Devon.  The exercise was based around Section and Troop level attacks and fighting patrols.  We spent the second night going off in our sections to perform standing patrols and setting up observation posts over looking different areas of enemy movement or interest.  Then using the intelligence we gained from these patrols and other recce patrols, the next night, we went out to set up ambushes and waited for the enemy before engaging them.  We then carried out searches and vehicle checks of the ambush area and gained more intelligence from marked maps and other intelligence gained from the enemy’s person and the vehicles.  On the penultimate morning the Troop patrolled out on a fighting patrol to the last known main enemy position.  We performed a Troop level attack on the position utilising all the skills we had learned in the previous exercises.  Finally, after five days of little sleep and a lot of physical exercise, we completed a 6 mile load carry from our harbour position to Royal Marines Chivenor, before a coach took us back to Lympstone.





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