An important week as it was Exercise HUNTERS MOON!  Deploying into the field on the Monday, we conducted our first insertion march (yomp) where we all navigated as sections.  This pretty much set the trend for the week as we carried out navigation exercises by day and by night.  We did several practical navigation sessions until Wednesday, when we then conducted an extraction yomp.  I do not think any of us expected this to be quite as hard as it was.  We set off at 1900hrs and finished around 0400hrs.  However, the troop dug out and everyone made it.

The Thursday was the start of the survival exercise.  We were stripped of our belongings except for a clasp knife and a survival tin.  We were then sent out into the forest to build shelters and start a fire for the night.  Everyone seemed to do well on this despite the persistent rain throughout the night.  Better still, no-one was left soaked so our shelters must have been doing something.  We were also shown how to prepare fish and chicken, which we all cooked over our fires for the evening meal.  It was surprisingly good, although that might have been because everyone was starving.  That was the end of the exercise and brought everyone their long weekend leave and some well earned rest.


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