148 Troop Diary – Week 11 & 12

148 Troop Diary – Week 11 & 12

Over the next two weeks we were to undertake the two week range package at Straight Point ranges, where we would be tested at a number of different distances.  As we left camp for the ranges moral was high after the long weekend we just had after Ex Hunters Moon.  We arrived at the range and after unloading our kit we were given a safety brief and told how to act and conduct ourselves around the Range to prevent injury.  Once this was completed we started to zero our rifles for the upcoming shoots over the next two weeks and we continued to practice at different ranges to practice our points of aim and also practicing on the simulator which was a great help and really helped us get used to the different fire positions.

Week Two at Straight Point ranges consisted of us taking our ACMT shooting test, which had the whole Troop nervous as we all wanted to achieve the marksmanship badge, despite this we were all eager to get stuck into it and impress the training team.  As soon as we started the test shoot it was obvious some of the recruits were feeling the pressure and standard started to slip.  As everyone warmed up things improved and a few members of the troop achieved the marksman badge and soon the confidence had been lifted and the Troop was riding high again.  On the last two days we tried our hand at close quarter marksmanship which was a lot of fun.  We left the range on Friday with good moral and all looking forward to the coming weeks in training.




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