145 Troop Diary – Week 20

145 Troop Diary – Week 20

To start Monday we had lectures on IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), how to identify them, what type of actions to take once finding an IED and actions on an explosion.  After lunch we went to the compound with the Assault Engineers (AEs) where we were shown how to get through a door with a crow bar, a hooligan bar and an enforcer.  We also learnt how to search a vehicle and people.  On day 2, we moved to the MUC compound and got taught how to clear a room, first empty and then with enemy in them.  We did a few drills and learned to clear corridors with multiple rooms, enemy and occupants.  Day 3 was similar, where we practiced what we had learnt.  We then moved on to clear a room with a closed door, it sounds simple but wasn’t as easy as it looks. On day 4, after a few hours of dry drills we went through a confidence test with simunition.  Eight recruits entered a small room and took it in turns to shoot one another.  Safety masks were worn! We were then taught how to flashbang and frag a room.  We then did drills at the end of the day with blanks and grenades.

We headed off to Taunton early on Friday to visit 40 Cdo for the day to finish off our CQB training, but first we had to go through an eight mile load carry.  The load carry was a tough two hours for everyone, with a lot of blisters and back ache.  Eventually we got back to 40 Cdo and were split into 2 groups and briefed on the attack.  As we got ready, we moved up to a wooded area where the enemy were hiding.  The assaulting sections split into 2 groups to attack either side of the compound, with smoke, flashbangs and grenades going off left right and centre.  It was an amazing adrenaline rush for everyone, with the attack lasting about 20 minutes.  When it was finished we had a short tour of the camp and went back to CTCRM.   Waking up sore and stiff on Saturday, we kitted up for a bottom field session (just what you need on a Saturday morning), for a run through before our test next week.  It was quite hard for the lads that took part due to the ropes being slippy and everyone was exhausted from the Friday.














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