151 Troop Diary – Week 6

151 Troop Diary – Week 6

This has been a great week, we have not had much phys which has given our bodies a chance to recover but being away form the gym and pool for a while has also left us a bit frustrated. This week we have started learning first aid so we all got stuck into practicing CPR and recovery positions. This week has also seen our introduction to map reading lectures and we are all starting to square away the basic soldiering skills that will be tested and improved on all our exercises from now on. Some individuals left this week which has had a mixed effect on the troop. These individuals were struggling in some aspects and therefore when they left it helped us to receive more attention from the training team, although some of us lost friends. In one way it’s nice to see people leaving, people who can’t deal with training because it adds value to what we are trying to achieve here.

As a Troop we have been adhering to timings well and impressing our PTIs in the gym. Another milestone we passed this week was our first live firing shoot at 40 Cdo in Taunton. We used their 25m range and shot groupings in various fire positions. I found kneeling the trickiest and I feel many others did too. In all a very enjoyable week.

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