150 Troop Diary – Week 9

150 Troop Diary – Week 9

It was quite an important week for the Troop with plenty of assessments that were important that we passed.  The Monday morning brought our first fitness test during gym pass out week.  We had to carry out a BFT in boots under eleven and a half minutes.  The whole Troop successfully passed this evolution.  We then also had drill pass out which means that we start weapons drill in our next drill period.  Tuesday was a relaxed day with IMF in preparation for Friday’s pass out and first aid lectures.

Wednesday morning we carried out our RMFA – which is a bleep test, pull ups, press ups and sit ups test.  Then the nerves kicked in for everyone as we prepared for our first aid assessment, although everyone passed with no problems so we are all now qualified first-aiders!  Thursday we had a chilled phys session, with a light swim and stretching session, followed by LSW introductions. 

Friday was the big day.  Everyone was clearly nervous as the eagerly anticipated gym pass out loomed!  Everything went well and the whole Troop was only four points off a superior pass, with three lads getting an individual superior.  Saturday was another day out on Woodbury Common and the chance for the Troop to hone their map reading skills during orienteering, which went better for some than others.  The rest of the weekend gave everyone a chance to relax as we prepared for Exercise Hunters Moon on Dartmoor next week! 



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