145 Troop Diary Week 19

145 Troop Diary Week 19

The troop spent the week with double bottom field sessions, lectures on the upcoming exercise URBAN WARRIOR and lots of time in the weapons stances learning GPMGs (General Purpose Machine Gun).

The double bottom field sessions were run throughs of bottom field passout which is in the next few weeks and consisted of mostly crash circuits and re-teaches.

We were in the weapons stances for most of the time this week learning all about the GPMG and basic drills, such as clearing stoppages, stripping, cleaning and naming the parts of the gun, carriage, characteristics and the gun’s NSPs (Normal Safety Procedures).

We ended the week with a weapons handling test (which the whole troop passed) and spent the day on Friday the GPMG at the 25m range on camp. We finished Friday cleaning the guns and left camp for the weekend after handing them back in.

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