143 Troop Diary Week 25

143 Troop Diary Week 25

Monday: 143 Troop travelled to Poole for Amphibious training and presentations from the SBS (Special Boat Service). When we arrived we had a briefing about the service and what we would be doing during the week. In the afternoon we practised capsizing drills on zodiacs (small boats), we got very wet but had a lot of fun doing it. In the evening we left Poole to go to Bovington camp to stay the night.

Tuesday: We woke up at 0430 bright and early to do some troop phys this involved camp circuits, sprints and leg exercise. After having our breakfast we then travelled back to Poole to practise beach landings on zodiacs and landing crafts, later on in the evening we practised cross decking, transferring from one boat to another whilst moving at speed across the water. Once we achieved the standard we then went on to do the same drills at night which was also a lot of fun. After completing this we went back to Bovington.

Wednesday: After having our breakfast we travelled to Portsmouth to HMS Excellent for sea safety lectures. Later that day we practised the correct use of the one use life suit and life boats. After completing this we travelled to HMS Collingwood camp for the night.

Thursday: On Thursday we woke up at 0430 to do some more phys getting ready for our 6 mile speed march coming up. Then we travelled back to HMS Excellence to have some lectures on water flooding on ship and fire control in these lectures we learnt the correct ways to fighting fires. Raising the alarms in case of fire or flooding on ship. Later that day we practised putting out fires with the correct equipment fire extinguishers and hoses, and how to escape from smoke filled cabin using a rebreathing kit. After this we travelled back to CTCRM and deserviced our kit.


We had our first LMG shoot at the 25m range on camp, each firing 3 belts of 12 rounds at the target. An enjoyable day.

Rct Darrell.


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