151 Troop Diary – Week 5

151 Troop Diary – Week 5

Monday 10 September. Another Monday morning training resumed as normal. We started the day with a 3 miler, or BFT (battle fitness test). This was to assess our progression in cardiovascular fitness since commencing recruit training. Overall a good troop performance. This was followed by field-craft lectures, essential information as we were about to go on Exercise Quick Cover later on that week. We also had a double drill period soon followed by an IMF session.

Tuesday, a usual early start to the day, firstly weapons were drawn as we had one more rifle practice prior to our weapons handling test. Not a bad result as most of the troop passed either first or second time round which was a real morale boost. Following that a tough IMF period in the gym and a 45 minute swim period.

Wednesday, a 5am start to prepare for Exercise Quick Cover. The day really got started when we entered the gym where we did 5 laps of the camp and other upper body circuits, after having a shower and lunch we went to draw our weapons then deployed on quick cover. The exercise started with lectures on scanning and searching and why objects are seen in a natural environment, we then ate and went to sleep in our harbour formation after setting up sentries.

Thursday. Day 2 of exercise, for me one of the most enjoyable days in training so far, after lectures and a full kit muster in the morning we practiced our individual fire manoeuvre drills on a CQB lane in which we engaged snap targets with blank ammunition. It was a good chance to put everything we’ve learned into practice, a good insight which the whole troop enjoyed.

Friday. The last day of quick cover, again we woke up and had a field inspection, the troop did ok but made some mistakes which will have to be corrected before the next exercise. After that another exciting few hours where we practiced our immediate reaction to enemy fire but this time in pairs, one man advancing forward whilst the other lay down cover fire! A good opportunity to let out some aggression and get stuck in! I felt this exercise made the troop bond together as it put into perspective what we will be doing in the future, overall a good experience.

Saturday. The week not quite finished yet we had one last swim session followed by an IMF session in the gym, a tough few hours but the lads pulled together and gave, in my opinion, the best performance in the gym in weeks. The rest of the day we spent completing our admin with the free time we had been given and then finished the day with a few pints in jollies bar on camp.



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