151 Troop Diary – Week 4

151 Troop Diary – Week 4

In Week 4 of Royal Marines Recruit training, returning after 3 weeks summer leave, the boys had mixed emotions on the train from Exeter to CTCRM. Some shared laughs, some a few smiles and some were just in their own world, it’s safe to say we were all nervous about returning after just finishing the Foundation Phase. Even though we finished Foundation Phase we still had to earn our right to be considered past foundation because we couldn’t quite get the grip of things before leave.

Once we were back on camp we needed to shake off our holiday faces really quickly. The training team made it clear that we were no longer civvies and had to forget about holiday and life outside CTCRM, we’re here to do a job and we must focus on that. Those words came with warnings, warnings we ignored and soon enough had to pay for our ignorance.

In Woodbury Common we learned how to wash ourselves in the field, cook food and set up sentry positions. During the week we had a lot of weapon drills to prepare for the coming weeks exercise using blanks and also to pass our weapon handling tests. In the middle of the week we received a mud-run ,even though it was really hard it was the first time the troop really started to work for each other. The week was filled with various IMF (gym) and swimming lessons as well as drills on the parade ground and the odd lecture or two about various subjects.

At the end off the week when we all started working together and shoving the Lympstone blues out of the way we earned our right to no longer be lumi-nod’s and were allowed to use the drying rooms and washing facilities. We ended our week off with a bang and went to celebrate as a troop in Exeter, some might say a little too much celebration in the attempt to be ready for next week.

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