151 Troop Diary – Week 3

151 Troop Diary – Week 3

Week 3 started well with the troop moving into our new accommodation and out of foundation block. This lifted spirits considerably and also gave us a chance to get to know some of the lads in our section with whom we were sharing rooms and would spend the rest of training with.

Along with the excitement of leaving behind our 60 man room, the week got a lot more interesting than the previous two weeks as we started weapons training and also family’s day was getting closer. We were all itching to get our hands on a rifle for the first time and it made a change from washing and ironing. Despite physical training picking up the pace a bit, we were starting to enjoy it more and everyone was looking forward to summer leave.

The three days leading up to Family’s Day, however, dragged a lot. And with our personal administration far from perfect, we had to stay up quite late on few of the evenings. In the build-up to our families watching us in the gym, we had been doing a lot of gym fitness, and were finally starting to get a bit more confidence as a troop. We were starting to work better as a team although we still needed a lot of work.

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