151 Troop Diary – Week 2

151 Troop Diary – Week 2

Week 2 second week of foundation most of the troop were still getting use to the lifestyle in the Royal Marines, especially the administration of our equipment and the early mornings.  We have all now been taught the correct ways of looking after our kit and ironing it to a good standard. We have been having gym sessions every day so that our physical training instructor can get us all to the required standard of fitness before week 9 gym pass out. The ropes have been a great way for body strength as we have been learning all the correct methods. The camp circuit run which is a 900m uphill at the beginning run which has to be completed in under 3 minutes has helped our running fitness.

The basics of drill were shown to us as this is the way we walk around the camp so it is smart .This week we have been taught by our training team how to make our webbing and how to pack our Bergan’s ready for Exercise First Step which is where went down to bottom field and were taught the basics of putting up our bivvys, which is our shelter for the night. That night we also practised wet and dry routine .This was the last week of foundation so we have had our last locker inspection from the Colour Sergeant. This was before moving into the main blocks where the proper training begins.

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