151 Troop Diary- Week 1

151 Troop Diary- Week 1

The first day you pull up to Lympstone Commando Training Centre is a very exciting time because all of the people in your troop are there and you get chatting to everyone.  Then the train slowly pulled up to Lympstone and then it finally sinks in what you are doing.

On the first day all we really did was a bit of phys in the gymnasium so the Physical Training Instructor can assess everyone on their fitness. Throughout the week we were taught the basics such as ironing and polishing your boots through even to washing yourself properly. We also received lessons in Drill in the first week which was pretty good.  Here we got into your smart kit and learnt how to march around camp properly as a Troop. We also got all of your kit issued throughout the first week such as our Bergans, webbing, helmets and day sacks. In an overall experience I would say the first week was a good week because everyone was buzzing.

We couldn’t wait for what was going to happen next throughout the day. All the stuff we learn is very exciting. One day if we pass out we will be able to take the stuff we have learnt into everyday life.

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