150 Troop Diary- Week 8

150 Troop Diary- Week 8

Week 8 was quite a relaxed week in terms of it involved a lot of classroom work around first aid, map reading and military knowledge.  However, the week was not with out the normal level of intense phys sessions, including two four mile runs, one of which was a bit cheeky structured on camp circuits.  We also had an impending mud run sprang on us on the Wednesday afternoon as a result of ‘poor sense of urgency’ from the Troop.  Although, horrendous as it was, there was a definite improvement in time keeping through the rest of the week.

Company Commanders rounds on the Wednesday morning left everyone with little sleep on Tuesday night and our first chance to parade in our new MTP uniform.  Thursday and Friday gave the Troop the chance to get out of camp as we visited the Mountain Leaders for an introduction into survival ready for Exercise Hunters Moon – an enjoyable day with a lot of information to take in.  Friday gave us the chance to practice our map reading skills as we were dropped off on Woodbury Common where we used resections to calculate where we were and afterwards were set off in pairs to orienteering around the training area.


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