145 Troop Diary – Week 18

145 Troop Diary – Week 18

Week 18, SECOND EMPIRE, the second exercise of phase 2. This takes place roughly an hour and a half away from CTCRM; meaning the lads could get their heads down on the way. The first thing we did was a small yomp to the harbour area where would spend the rest of the week, followed by a demo of a section attack from the training team, which we then practiced ourselves. That night we used skills learned in FIRST BASE to defend the harbour from enemy attacks. The second day we split into sections and conducted fighting patrols and recces, to our surprise to be extracted by helo.

On Wednesday we conducted our first troop attack. Each section breaking down into their individual roles, we were extracted by helo again. At night we conducted recces and OPs for an assault at first light. A section broke off to assist 142 Tp’s beach assault. Once the enemy had been defeated we went back to the harbour to carry out our morning routine and some rest. In the afternoon we prepared model pits, had orders then set out on an enemy beach ambush at 2100. Whilst firing illum into the air to illuminate the ambush area, someone who shall remain nameless, fired it too low, setting a hedge on fire just a few feet away from the main group; once completed we went back to the harbour. In the morning we left the harbour, packed away team stores and yomped to the pick up point where we caught the coach back to camp.

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