145 Troop Diary Week 17

145 Troop Diary Week 17

This week started with some crash training on the bottom field to ensure firstly we were back into fighting form after leave and to ensure we were ready to start preparing for bottom foiled passout (week 21)

As well as a few bottom field sessions the troop took part in a confirmatory exercise for signals around camp. Which we did well, having used radios on Ex FIRST BASE.

0330 Wednesday morning 145 tp reluctantly awake, cursed the day they were born and loaded up the transport for Bovington, once at Bovington we were briefed, on Viking safety drills and how to use safety equipment should the Viking sink.

On day 2 of being at Bovington we went onto the training area embarking and disembarking the vehicle. We then went in a massive pond in the Vikings and did emergency escape drills. Following that we got split into two groups and had a competition to see who could cam out the Viking the quickest. The instructors said the troop did well and pretty much everyone passed the rebreather and life jacket test so we shipped back to CTC in fairly high spirits.

The week was rounded off by an interesting CQC session where we saw the effects of a choke old, learnt some Gucci wrist manipulations etc which was followed by 45 mins of crash training in the pool. Bring on next week.

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