141 Troop Diary – Week 26

141 Troop Diary – Week 26

141 troop departed for Poole on Thursday to start the amphibious assault stage of Final Ex. After assaulting Hurst castle near the Isle of White we did a long extraction yomp through the night to the pick up point where we then moved off to Sennybridge, Wales. During our time in Sennybridge we conducted everything in training we had been taught such as OPs, patrols and deliberate attacks. After some more yomping we moved to Carewent where we occupied a Forward Operating Base, something the troop has never done before which was a welcome change to woodblocks. We conducted ‘FOB’ routine and patrolled from the FOB. On the last day we did the final attack and then returned to CTCRM where to our relief we were told we had passed. Final ex was a big milestone in training and the troop was vey happy to have completed it, our next big test will be the Commando tests


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